The fourth show by TOOT
In development 2020 with The Lowry and Shoreditch Town Hall
Premiering Spring 2021

We live in an increasingly divided world, but if there’s one thing that can unite us all, it’s a televised charity special. Join our host for an evening of audience challenges, messages from your favourite celebrities, goodwill and group singing, with banks of phones ready to take your donations.

TOOT present Telephon

Telethon will explore morality and groupishness, inspired by Jonathan Haidt’s research into moral foundations, gut feelings, and hive-mind mentality. Balanced on the brink between live-aid style group euphoria, and a Bosch-esque nightmare in which we all tear each other apart, Telethon will begin in a bright, unified world of endlessly scrolling updates and ever-accumulating cash, before the cracks emerge, and every voice is silenced.